Monday, February 2, 2009

Sara's Stripey Scarf

I made this scarf as a b-day present for my friend Sara while I was in Europe. She said she wanted something cool from Europe and I figured what could be cooler than a scarf made while I was traveling around the continent. I bought the yarn for this scarf in Bern and began working on it on the train from Italy to Vienna. I actually didn't finish it until I got back but it technically was in every country I was in so it is well traveled.

I used about 3 skeins that were approximately 80 meters each. The yarn was a wool, cotton, and acrylic. Approximatley 275 yards 2 parts color A 1 part color B

Size J hook

With color A chain 16 turn and then 15 sc in the previous row ch 1 to turn
repeat color A for 19 more rows. (20 rows total)
Join in turn with color B. Sc in each stitch turn. Repeat for 10 rows.

Continue pattern with 20 rows of color A and the 10 rows of color B until desired length.
End with block of color A.

finish off and join in ends.

Here are some pictures of the xmas presents I made. The above is the purse I made for my cousin Anna. It was made out of Modea Dream in purple and black. In 2007, I bought several skeins, about 10-ish of it in purple and black because I found them at Hobby Lobby for 74 cents each. With the purple I made a stuffed animal (the purple people eater in my picture box), 2 sets of scarves and purses for my lil' cousins last year and a pair of mittens.This project used almost all of what I had left from it. I ended up with enough black to make a couple scrap squares and about 2 feet of purple. I am so glad to be done with that yarn.

This is one of the hats for my lil boy cousins and they ended up being too small so I took them back and I am trying to figure out how to fix them.

This is the pre felted pre sewn picture of the coin purse I made for my grandmother out of the mill ends from Lamb Pride. It ended up felting beautifully but when I sewed in the zipper and sewed the rest together it ended up looking like a clamshell but my grandmother seem to like it anyway.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Of course their is a knot (or 2) in my plans

Sorry for the long delays of posts. I was on vacation with my family from xmas through New Years and then I was gone for a week at a rural service retreat. While I was gone I let my family borrow my computer and it managed to get a terrible virus and crash. Then school started and my computer was in computing services for 3 weeks. I finally just got it back and I have spent the whole weekend trying to just updates and such. I am trying to work on updates and such as quickly as possible but work and school are taking up all my time and energy at the moment.
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