Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Done +24 hrs early

I have fished all me Christmas presents super early. The Boys hats were started and finished by Friday. The girls' scarfs were done Saturday evening before we wrapped the presents. Grandma's purse was felted and dried but I waited to sew the zipper in because I knew it would be difficult and I am lazy. I finally sewed in the zipper today and sewed the peices together. But somehow my sub-par sewing abilities made the circular shaped purse turn out to be sea shell shaped. Oh well its done. Yay for Xmas present being done. No mid-night hours on christmas eve.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

1 week to go and I am alomost done!

In the past 24 hours I have made a lot of progress on the remainder of my Christmas list.
-the 2 hats for the boys are done
-grandma's coin purse is made now it needs to be felted, sewn together, and zipper sewn in (after I buy it of course) I am going to felt it as soon as the laundry is done but I am nervous about this because the last time I felted something it ended disastrously
-I still need to buy and sew a button on the purse for Anna
-I need to finish the 2nd scarf for the girls and add fringe to both.
I think we are wrapping presents on Saturday so I'll need to have them done by then.
I will post the ear flap hat patterns as soon as I get to writing them out in understandable directions.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

8 Days and Counting

So its 8 days till xmas and I still have a list to work through.
-Finish 2nd scarf for the girls and add fringe
-buy and sew button from Anna's purse
-grandma's coin purse-make, felt, sew in zipper
-2 hats for the boys. The yarn came in Monday afternoon so I have added 2 more things to my list. I plan on wrapping mom, dad, and bro's presents today.
Here is a picture of the hat I made for my dad. I made it out of green and white worsted weight Wool of the Andes from Knitpicks.com. I used the Toujours Hat from the Interweave Crochet Quick Gifts ebook (see previous post)

Sunday, December 14, 2008

xmas morning is a go but xmas eve is not

I finished the hat for my dad. So that means mom, dad and bro are done. But that still leaves 2 scarves, 1 purse, 1 coin purse, and 2 hats. The hats are a new addition to the list because of a recent stress induced yarn purchase. The spinner/knitter roommate wanted help reaching the free shipping price from WEBs. So I helped and found the perfect yarn. It is 100% wool worseted weight with a black/yellow/Grey dye pattern. I think they will make the perfect Steeler colors hats for my 2 little cousins. I haven't made little earflap hats yet but I figure it can't be too hard. I also ordered some more of the Jeager natural fleece that I made my easy 2 stitch scarf with. It is being discontinued as it was about 5 a skein and only in a red wine color but I love that yarn it is so warm. I got enought to make a hat and a scarf.

Last night I went to a Christmas party and we had a dirty santa gift exchange. While taking a final on Friday I came up with the great idea of buying a bunch of bananas and using some scraf yarn making a banana cozy/sock. I figured the guys would get a kick out of the perverted/practical ness of the gift. I used some bubblegum pink Lion Brand Homespun that I have had forever. I worked int eh round starting small and increasing as needed so the sock would fit the banana I was making it for. (I put the sock on an acutal banana and gave it with a bunch of the fruit) Because I am in college and college boys always have thier minds in teh gutter I made a card for the top of the present that said "Protect Your Banana" The gift was quite a hit. By chance it was the first gift to be picked and was never stolen (we play with a lot of rules). I actual was complimented byt eh usefulness of this gift and a couple fo the guys asked me to make them some. I just laughed. Like I said college boys always have thier minds in the gutter.

I would have pictures but My camera battery is dead and my charger is somewhere in the mess that is my room.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Winter Neck Warmer

Here is the pattern for a neck warmer I made for my mother. She wanted something to keep her warm since scarves are dangerous when skiing.

Winter Neck Warmer
Size G crochet hook
160 yds of worseted wieght yarn-I used a thick and thin yarn by Himalayas the Queensland Collection. I used a smaller hook so that the stiches would be smaller, tight, and warm.
yarn needle

Chain 31
Turn and sc 30 stiches
Turn and sc in each stitch across in the back loops only thorughout (you can pull through both loops but it would not create the ribbed look)
Repeat until desired length. then sew 2 ends together this is worked from short end to short end then sewn together to for the circle.
The final meaurements was a circumference of 21 inches and a width of 6 inches.
It is wide so it can cover the mouth and nose because that is how my mother wanted it to be wide. Except I would wear it folded down if I wore a neck warmer. the width and length can be changed accordingly.

How My Mom Will Wear It
How I Would Wear It
I hope she likes it!

1 Down upteen to go!!!

Mom's x-mas present is done!!!
I made her a neck warmer with a matching ear flap hat per her request. I think it is a tad ridiculous but it is what she wants so I hope she likes it because she didn't like the socks I made her for her birthday.

Here is a picture of the matching set:
I made the present out of Himalayas yarn from the Queensland Collection. It is 100% wool worsted weight yarn which is thick and thin. It is a variegated beige,light brown, peach, and blue mix. I am posting the patterns separately so that searching will be easier.

I am convinced I look like a ninja in this combo.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

T Minus 19 days until xmas

So the Super Bowl of Crocheting is only 19 days away and we are all manically preparing for the event. Here is my list of things that need to be completed

By Christmas Eve:
-Purse for Anna
-Scarves for girls-2 scarves 1 is done needing fringe the other is only 1/4 done and I thought about making it hooded but I need to see if I have enough yarn (and since I bought this yarn in Prauge I can't go buy more) if not hooded then I may make headbands
-Coin Purse for Grandma

By Christmas Morning
-Hat for dad
-Earflap Hat and neck warmer for mom Just finished hat only need to weave in ends and the neck warmer is blocking and then need to be sewed together and ends weaved in

I need to get on this but finals have got me so busy lately but I took a break after a 5 hour stint in the library and made head way on my mother's stuff
Its li

Sunday, November 9, 2008

New cool patterns but I don't have time to make anything

Today in midst of procrastination I found 2 new sources of new cool free patterns. The first is "Crochet uncut" which is an e-zine published as the Official Unofficial Magazine of the Crochet Liberation Front. The e-zine is available by download in PDF format and is available from this link.
The second soruce is a free pattern ebook put out by Interweave Crochet and Red Heart Yarn.
The ebook is called Quick Gifts and features 5 free patterns. Becuase of the sponsor all of the patterns call for Red Heart Yarn which may cause some to cringe. However I think is would be easy to swap yarns for something more durable and softer to the touch. Here is the link to download the ebook from KnittingDaily.com.

I really want to make the Green Market Bag although I have already made a bag similar to it. I think the Charlie Brown Baby Cardigan is adorable and I like how the construction is simmilar to the baby sweater pattern I posted and how it uses a chveron stitch and it doesn't scream 1970's afgan. I also like the Toujours Hat because I have trouble finding hat patterns just for men and I can't wait to have someone to make this for.
I am excited that all of the Xmas gift patterns are out and I can't wait to start/finish some presents but Kollegiate life is getting in the way.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

My Kollegiate Life is Interfeing With My Hooking Life

Sorry I haven't updated in awhile but school and work are taking up way too much of my time. I have complete several projects and have started several others but I'll try to update as soon as I find time.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Becuase Hookers Don't Share Needles

Happy Birthday Mom!!!
I have finally finished my brithday present for my mother and her birthday isn't until Monday so I can put them in the mail Monday and she will get them only two days late! I used this sock yarn I found in Berlin to make these socks. The yarn is called Meilenweit Cotton Fantasy and is 45% Cotton, 42% Virgin wool, and 13% Polyamide. It is made by Lana Grossa in Italy (I think the label is in German.

The socks were made using the Origami Turkish Sock pattern found at http://cerdeb.googlepages.com/. These socks are cool because you use actual foot measurements to size your sock then constructed it in a flat shape then fold it together to make the sock. Its kinda amazing how you go from a crazy shape to a sock in a few minutes. Also since it is worked in back and forth rows I think it is easier than working in the round becuase I hate all the concentration needed ot work in the round.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Plastic Bag Holder

So I just finished moving into my new apartment. Two of my roommates are knitters and one is not. After only a few Walmart trips we managed to accumulate a large number of plastic grocery store bags and one of the knitters said to me, "You need to crochet us a plastic bag holder because you can crochet faster than we can knit. "(which is true and yet another reason crocheters are cooler than knitters) So I look at other patterns and came up with a hybrid.

Plastic Bag Holder

5 oz of worsted weight yarn (I used 2 skeins of Peaches and Cream cotton)
size G hook
yarn needle

R1: Ch 44 and join with sl st to first ch
R2: Ch 3 (this counts as a dc throughout pattern) dc in each ch around join with sl st to 3rd chain throughout pattern
R3:-Eyelet row- Ch 4 skip first dc and dc in 2nd dc of previous row *ch 1 dc in 2nd dc* repeat around and join
R4:Ch 3 and dc in each dc and ch 1 space of previous row and join
R5:Ch3 and dc in each dc around and join
Repeat row 5 until desired length
repeat R3 -eyelet row-
repeat R4
sc in each dc around and join
From joining sl st make a chain of desired length for a handle then join to opposite side of top row using a few sl st.tie off and weave in ends
to make the ties that go through the eyelet rows you can either make a chain of the yarn the desired length and weave it through the eyelets or ribbon.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Easy and Warm 2 Stitch Scarf

I made this scarf from the yarn I bought while I was at Oxford. It is very very warm because the yarn is super thick.

This pattern can be used on any yarn and adjusted to any gauge or size. This scarf is divided into 3 parts. 1 section (2o in) of double crochet, 1 section of single crochet, and another section of double crochet. It can be worked in one color or two or even three. Each section is about 20 inches to make a 60 in adult size scarf.

Easy and Warm 2 Stitch Scarf

3 Skeins of Jeager 100% wool (thick wieght yarn I don't have the exact name with me but when I do I will post it) I used 2 of beige and 1 of brown

Size P (9 mm) hook

-Ch 15 with color 1 (Beige or skien one)
-Double crochet in 4th chain from hook and dc in each chain across (12 DC) ch 3 and turn
-Repeat with 12 dc in each row for 20 in or until you run out of yarn
-Work in color 2 on last dc of last row ch 1 and turn
-Single crochet in each dc across (12 sc)
-Repeat for 20 in or until you run out of yarn
-Work the second skein of color 1 on last sc of last row ch 3 and turn
-Double crochet in each sc across (12 dc)
-Repeat for 20 in or until you run out of yarn (it should be the same length as section 1
-On last row use sc instead of dc.
-Weave in ends

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Hyperbolic Crochet::The coolest thing I found in London

When I was in London I literally stumbled upon the Hyperbolic Crochet Coral Reef Exhibit at the Exhibition Hall. I took a bunch of pictures of the works of art and the info for the exhibit. If you are in the London area it is running through August 17th 2008.
Here are some links for more information:


Here are some pictures of the awesome crocheted reefs!

Some were made from recycled material. Above:orange trash bags and VHS film

There are a lot of pictures because it was so cool.

There were a bunch of cool hanging things.

I really want to make these for my apartment.

This was one of the highlights of my trip!!!!

Monday, August 4, 2008

My backpack is too small and there is too much yarn

I am now in Berlin and we have managed to find multiple yarn stores in Italy, Austria, Czech Republic, and Germany and my backpack is filling up with yarn. Ill be back in a week and can start posting pics

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Greetings from Italy

Soory about the delay but backpacking through Europe leaves little time for blogging. free internet is rare and I take it where I can get it but 15 min is just enough time to check email and stay intouch with the family. I will post patterns and pictures when I get home. I am working on scarf number 2 which is an alternating rib pattern Ive worked up. I also bought yarn to make a souviner scarf for a friend. These super long train rides help me get them done. I will be back in the states in 2.5 weeks!
But it is way to hot to even think about wearing a scarf right now

Thursday, July 17, 2008

We found yarn!!!

Sorry for the lack of posting but I have busy with papers and the computer lab has been crazy.
Last Friday my travel buddy and I went to Abingdon which is about 30 min south of Oxford. It is this tiny town with nothing in it except an awesome yarn store. It is called Masons and thier website makes it seem that they don't have much yarn but that is a lie. They have lots of yarn and I wide range with all kinds of stuff I have never seen before. And best of all it was cheaper here with the crappy exchange rate than back home. We were palnning on mailing what we got home but a 5 kilo box of yarn will cost over $100 to mail so we have decided to carry it with us until we get home of we find a cheaper country to mail it from. I spent about £25 and got enought for 2 scarfs, 1 baby item, 3 skeins for the scrap blanket, and stuff for the roomie. Don't even ask what my friend spent but she is a yarn addict and it was cheaper than crack
I have finished making one of the scarfs and I'll post the pattern when ASAP with pictures.

Here is the website for the yarn store. It was awesome and I recommend making the trek if you are nearby

Friday, July 11, 2008

Update: Found Alphabet Pillow Patterns

I contacted the lady in charge of the blog where I found the patterns and she accidently deleted her patterns but you can access them through an archive through her hosts server. Here is the link but it only has the patterns for A through W.


Thursday, July 10, 2008

Alphabet Pillow Pattern

I have been made aware that there is a problem with my link for the alphabet pillow patterns. It turns out that the site is no longer offering crochet patterns. Being that I am a continent away from my pillows I don't know the stitch demensions accordinglly. However, my wonderful travel partner and avid knitter suggested that I come up with my own charts although they may not be exactly like the ones on the site. I have contacted my beautiful room mate and asked her to send me the stitch dimensions. I will find some graph paper and make up some grids however even if I can do this it will be mid August untill I can scan them in. That you for brining this to my attention. I need to make another J and a B for my new roommates when I return home.

P.S. We found a yarn store in the next town South of here and we are planning to venture there tommorow after class.

Monday, July 7, 2008

It is acrylic but it will work

I have finally found yarn in Oxford. It was in a store that supports a local hospital which was in the covered market right next to my college. I have walked past this store at least a dozen times in the past week yet I didn't notice until today that they had yarn. Although the collection was very small with just wool and acrylic it was very well priced. I got 2 large skeins of 100% acrylic yarn with about 230 meters a skein for £1.20 or $2.50 each which is a good price in the states. I plan on making a scarf although by the time I finish it will most likely be august in Italy and extremely hot. I have designed a pattern during my class today that will combine vertical stripes of the 2 colors and cables. In theory this shall work but in practice we will see. I will post pictures as I go. I should be working on my papers which are due in a week instead of worrying about a scarf in July but I love procrastinating.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

I need yarn

So this whole bringing no yarn thing was a bad idea. I need yarn like a drug addict needs a fix. that twine is looking very good right now. If anyone knows of any place that sells yarn in the Oxford, Cardiff, or London UK it would be greatly appreciated.
We are also heading to Zurich, Bern, Rome, Florence, Vienna, Prauge, Berlin, Amsterdam, and Brussels and are in need of loaction there too.
P.S. When I was in a pub in Dublin there was a beer on tap call the Galloway hooker or something like that and it made me laugh because it sounded like a beer for only prostitutes and chrocheters. But I didn't get a chance to taste it this ime. Maybe on the way back.

Monday, June 30, 2008

Tidings Y'all From Jolly Ole England

So I am now offically attending classes at Oxford University for the next three weeks. I have no yarn and 2 hooks but we haven't been able to find a yarn store. We did find a craft store in Dublin but it only had really bad acrylic woold blends in hidioues colors. We want to take a weekend trip to Wales and find some sheep and wool. If anyone knows of a yarn shop in Oxford or London or anywhere nearby please let me know. I am close to buying twine from the fairtrade store and making coasters because I need to crochet.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Last post before I go

So I will be gone for the next 7 weeks. I am spending 3 weeks studying at Oxford University in England and then taking 4 weeks to backpack across the great continent. I will try to update if I can but I won't be able to post photos or any patterns Sorry. Plus I am not taking any yarn or projects with me. I am taking a G and J hook though in case/when I find yarn. I am spending a few days in Dublin before heading to Oxford.
Sorry about the change but everything should be back to normal in about 2 months.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

A Public Service Announcment

Since I am leaving for Europe in a week (yikes) I was checking out the TSA website to learn how to pack without being stopped for looking like a terrorist. I have a knack for accidentally having a suspicious looking carry on bag. My friend I am traveling with is an avid knitter (shes the one with the spinning wheel) and afraid of having her needles taken so I emailed her this site. Here is the link. I also want you to know that you ARE permitted to bring transformer toys. (see picture)


Tuesday, June 10, 2008

I almost forgot!!!

So my mother gave the summer baby set to a co-worker whose wife just had a baby and they loved it. It is sized for 3 months but it fits loosely on the baby girl which was born last week at 6 lbs 5 oz. I didn't give the hat because it was too large and I hadn't sewn the ends in yet. oh well it will be another gift to local Project Gabriel.

Yay this make me feel better!

Thank you to those of you who have posted comments today! It made my day. I won't be posting any new posts for the next couple days. I am gone visiting my grandparents and helping them clean out thier attic. They have lived in the same house for 50+ years and I don't think have ever cleaned out thier attic. It doesn't help that it is not air conditioned and we are in the middle of a heat wave. I did find some afgans my mother crocheted back in the 70's out of some hideious aryclic yarn. We are washing them and taking them to the veterans home because they never used them. I brought the socks with me although they are once again a ball of yarn but I probably won't spend much time of them becuase I have a whole bunch of reading to do.

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Cheer up emo crocheter

Emo Kid Hat

1 skien of Lion Brand Wool Ease in dark gray
Size J hook

Make 2
Row1: sc in 2nd ch from hook and in each ch across
Row2: ch 2 skip first sc hdc in each sc across (30 hdc)
Row3: Ch 2 skip first hdc, hdc decrease over next 2 hdc. Hdc in next 25 hdc, hdc decreas over next 2 hdc turn (a hdc decrease is made my inserting the hook through 2 stistches while making the stitch) (27 hdc)
Row4: ch2 skip first hdc decread over next 2 hdc. Hdc in next 23 hdc, decrease over next 2 hdc. turn (25 hdc)
Row5: same pattern (23 hdc)
Row6: same pattern (21 hdc)
Row7: same pattern (19 hdc)
Row8: same pattern (17 hdc) Finish off

sew the 2 brims together on the 2 short sides and the shorted long side (not witht he beg ch)

ch4 join with sl st in first ch to form ring
R1: Ch 3, (Ch 3 counts as first dc throughout) 23 dc in ring. join with sl st
R2: Ch 3 fpdc in next dc (2 bpdc in next dc, fpdc in next dc) around, bpdc in beg 3 ch. join
R3: Ch 3 (2fpdc around fpdc, bpdc around each of the next two bpdc around. Join
R4: Ch 3 (fpdc around each next 2 fpdc, 2 bpdc around next bpdc, 1 bpdc around next bpdc) around. join
R5: Ch 3 (fpdc in next 2 fpdc, bpdc in next 3 bpdc) around. join
R6: Ch3 (fpdc in next 2 fpdc, 2 bpdc around next bpdc, bpdc around each of the next 2 bpdc) around. join
R7: Ch 3 ( fpdc in next 2 fpdc, bpdc in next 4 bpdc) around. join
R8-16: Repeat round 7
R17: Ch 1 sc in each dc aroun
R18: repeat round 17
R19: Ch 1 sc in the same stitch as joining and in next 20 sc. Place brim peice against the front of the hat. Sc in the brim to the hat in the next 30 stitched. Sc around the rest of the hat.
Finish off
Weave in ends
So this is the first project I made that uses different stitches together (it was a big step). I thought that it would be a cool winter hat but it turned out super emo kid-ish. It look worst when my hair was its original color (black, Asian kid black is my natural hair color and no I'm not Asian I part western European). Me plus natural hair, black t-shirt, studded belt and black eye makeup equals a scary emo punk kid.
Her is a picture of me cheesing it up for the camera.

A tad of philosophy

So I just got my first comments!!! Thank you mdancer and myra johnston for commenting on my first pattern post. It could be possible that the yarn I used was Matrix. I am sure if I tied the fringe in wouldn't unravel. So much of crochet (and life) is made of trial and error. Many projects and attempts have not turned out as expected. Yet this approach works well in crochet and in life. I think that so much of life and crochet are intertwined. Figuring out difficult problems, like translating knitting charts into crochet, trying to decipher a pattern or chart, using the wrong size hook and yarn and figuring out the gauge, and making up your own pattern. Well I have gotten more philosophical than expected (and I hate philosophy).

Keep the comments coming. I greatly appreciate it. Feel free to add your opinions, suggestions, ideas and questions. Really you can tell me the pattern is ugly and I won't care (because my mother already said that).

Friday, June 6, 2008

Hopefully my roomates don't mind

Last week I was browsing other crochet blogs and I came across The City of Crochet at http://cityofcrochet.blogspot.com/

Its author had posted a pattern for a woven potholder or trivet. I had just bought some cotton yarn because it was $1 a skein on the clearance aisle and thought it would be perfect. See my mother doesn't understand how you buy yarn just for the purpose for being able to create things as soon as you find the pattern without running to the store.
Here is my finished project. I accidentally sewed it wrong and didn't follow the weaving correctly (i was too busy watch TV) but it still works and looks good.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Lover's Knot Trendy Scarf

I found a pattern for a shawl using the stitch called a Solomon's knot or a lover's knot. I adapted the pattern and used it to make a scarf. I used a yarn that is a ribbon yarn I picked up on sale at the local yarn store The Needle Craft Barn.
Here is the link to the original pattern and to tutorials for the stitch.



I used approximately 140 yard of the yarn (2 skeins at 74 yards each) and a size K hook
R1: ch 1 then make 25 lover's knot stitches.
R2: make a lover's knot in the first knot from hook. Make 2 more Lover's knots then slip stitch to the 2nd knot from hook repeat till end.
R3: make 2 lover's knots then connect using slip stitch to the 2nd knot from hook (this is the unconnected knot) repeat make 2 knots and connecting to the loose knots to create a mesh pattern.
Repeat until desired width (or until you run out of yarn)
Last Row: Do one lover's knot then connect to next knot in previous row (each knot is connected to one form the previous row) Finish off

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

ARRG Surrender The Booty but only if it is yarn

So my favorite pattern is argyle and its been shown that I like skulls and hot pink. I have been looking for an argyle crochet pattern for awhile. I found this chart as a knitted guide for socks. I took this, played around a little bit with the pattern and adapted it for crochet and used the knitting instructions as a guide. It mad a large block 70 x 36 stitches. I used scrap yarn (worsted weight Caron Simply Soft) and a size K hook. I don't know what I will do with this besides hang it as a banner to by awesome crocheting ability. This was my first time carrying yarn and changing colors so it is not perfect but I think it is kick ass and perfect for me. I've told by knitter roommates and they think it matches me perfectly.

here is where I found the original pattern

If you can't get the link to work let me know and I can email you the adobe file

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Baby Summer Set

Short Sleeved Sweater
Worsted Weight Yarn
Size f hook
Tapestry needle
Buttons (I used 2 but you could use more or less and any size the fits through the a dc)
Chest size 20 inches
Length 7 inches

Special Stitches
Shell Stitch: 2 dc, 2 ch, 2 dc

This pattern starts at the neck
ch 43
R1: Dc in 4th ch from hook. Dc in next 6 ch. Shell stitch in next ch. Dc in 2 ch. Shell in next ch. Dc in next 17 ch. Shell in next ch. Dc in 2 ch. Shell in next ch. Dc in next 6 chs. Turn and ch 3.

R2: Dc in each dc and shell in ch 2 sp of previous shell. repeat 3 times. dc in remaining dc turn and ch 3.

R3-5: Repeat row 2

R6: Dc in each dc and in the ch 2 sp of previous shell (1 dc, 2 ch, 1 dc) repeat 3 times. dc in remaining dc turn and ch 3.

R7-9: Repeat row 6

For this section I switched colors however the sweater can be worked in a single color.

R10: Dc in each dc to ch 2 sp. YO, insert hook in ch 2 sp, YO and pull up loop, YO and insert hook into the next ch 2 sp, YO and pull through loops. (This creates an arm hole) Dc in remaining dc and do same in the next set of ch 2 sp (to create a second arm hole) dc in remaing dc.

R11: From this point on the sweater is worked in crocheted seed stitch (see previous post)
Sc in first dc, dc in next dc repeat to turning 3 ch, sc in 3rd ch. Turn and ch 3.

R12: sc in next dc and dc in next sc, repeat across turn and ch 1

Repeat rows 11 and 12 until the peice measures 3 inches from the under arm section. Finish off.


Row10: Join in the ch 2 sp of last row of underarm. Ch 2 dc in each dc around. Turn and ch 1

Work in seed stitch

Row 11: Sc in dc and dc in sc around. Turn and ch 3

Row 12: Dc in sc and sc in dc. Turn and ch 1.

Row 13: Repeat row 11

Row 14: sc in each stitch arounf and join to first stitch. Using a tapestry needle sew up the remainder of the sleeve.

Repeat for other arm

I did a simple edging of 2 rows in sc. This did not include button holes. The button were sewn on dc stitches and the sp in between dc used as button holes. You can easily and an edging that includes button holes in desired.

Baby weight yarn
Size G hook and tapestry needle
Length 5 inches
circumference 18.5 inches

Ch 4

R1: join ch 3 then make 11 dc in loop join

R2: ch 3 and 2 dc in each dc join

R3: ch 3. 1 dc in next dc and 2 dc in next dc. repeat pattern and join

R4: ch 3. 1 dc in next 2 dc and 2 dc in next dc. repeat pattern and join

R5: ch 3. 1 dc in next 3 dc and 2 dc in next dc. repeat pattern and join

R6: ch 3 dc in each dc

Remaining section is worked in seed stitch and worked in rows then sewn together
R7: Ch1. sc in next dc and dc in next dc. repeat turn and ch 3
R8: Dc in sc and sc in dc repeat turn and ch 1
Repeat rows 7 and 8 until the hat measures 5 inches from first round.
Sc in each stitch join and sew up the hat.
As always if you have an question about this pattern let me know and I'll try to help.

And knitters say were aren't as cool: Crochet Seed Stich

Crochet Seed Stitch

These directions are for creating this stitch in rows (going back and forth). If you want to do this in the round you need to make sure you have an uneven number of stitches and carefully mark the beginning of each round

Double crochet in the first row then turn and chain 3
Double crochet in next stitch then single crochet in next stitch. follow this pattern until the end of row.
If the row ends in a dc turn chain 1, sc in first dc then dc in each sc and sc in each dc.
If row ends in a sc turn chain 3, dc in first sc then sc in each dc and dc in each sc.
Repeat this pattern.

Friday, May 23, 2008

This is going to be some scrap blanket

So in the process of spring cleaning my mother came across some fun fur left over from a forgotten craft project. I hate working with fun fur and the like because such a pain to work with. I have combined it with some Lion Brand wool-ease in dark gray. The white and gray looks like a skinned a dog while the blue looks like I killed a muppet.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

I admit it, I have a problem

So lately I have found a lot of yarn on sale at different stores. I found this yarn for $1 a skein at Walmart. It is just a bunch of crazy yarn that I think will make good squares for the scrap blanket. I know that you are not supposed to buy yarn specifically for a scrap project but what else is cheap yarn for. The only stuff on clearance is crazy and ugly anyway. Here are the squares I have made. A total of 4 skeins which made 7 squares.

Monday, May 19, 2008

It's a good thing I like being barefoot

So I have started on my first pair of socks and after only getting past the toes on sock #1 I have stopped. I just don't feel like working on it anymore but I need to because its my only non scrap project at this moment. This is what 20 min of work has gotten me and I need to find the motivation to continue it.

Note: @ 2:05 pm I ripped out the sock :(

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Placing a dent in the scrap mountain

I have only been crocheting avidly for little over a year and half and I have managed to accumulate a large amount of scraps. Previously I have made baby blankets out of the large qualities of similar scrap yarn and then donated them to Project Gabriel. Now I have the problem of small quantities of different weights of yarn ranging from cheap acrylic and fun fur to nice wool and wool blends.

The knitters I live with both have started scrap blankets and I have been looking for a crochet solution. I have decided that the solution is to make granny squares out of my scrap yarn and then sewing them all together. This makes it so I can use different weights of yarn and as long as the square is 6 x 6 inches they will fit together. So far I have created several in an attempt to avoid making socks and finishing a hat for my grandmother.

Left: Green Heather lace weight 100% wool from KnitPicks.com size f hook
Center: Rainbow Incredible yarn 100% nylon from Lion Brand size j hook
Right: Red sock wieght yarn, 100% acrylic (I think) size f hook

Cotton Ease by Lion Brand 50/50 cotton acrylic in Berry and Maize size J hook
I like how with one simple pattern the squares can look so different just by changing the colors.

Don't worry more to come because I don't think scrap blankets are ever finished

Friday, May 16, 2008

Easy Pointed End Scarf

Easy Pointed End Scarf

Worsted Weight Yarn

Size J/K hook

gauge not important

This scarf was made super thick and warm by using 2 stands of Red Heart Super Saver Yarn in green and white. This scarf can easily be made single stranded, wider, or in stripes.

Chain as long as you want the scarf, approx 60 inches (longer or shorter if desired)
Turn and sc in second ch from hook and sc in each reminding ch
turn and repeat until scarf in desired width. Finish off

Looking at the end of the scarf fold the two ends together to create a point and sew the two short ends together. Make a pom-pom and leave one long end of yarn. Take the yarn and weave it through the point on the end of the scarf and sew tight.

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