Friday, May 16, 2008

Easy Pointed End Scarf

Easy Pointed End Scarf

Worsted Weight Yarn

Size J/K hook

gauge not important

This scarf was made super thick and warm by using 2 stands of Red Heart Super Saver Yarn in green and white. This scarf can easily be made single stranded, wider, or in stripes.

Chain as long as you want the scarf, approx 60 inches (longer or shorter if desired)
Turn and sc in second ch from hook and sc in each reminding ch
turn and repeat until scarf in desired width. Finish off

Looking at the end of the scarf fold the two ends together to create a point and sew the two short ends together. Make a pom-pom and leave one long end of yarn. Take the yarn and weave it through the point on the end of the scarf and sew tight.

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Hooked Up said...

Cool, I love this Pattern!

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