Monday, May 5, 2008

My Favorite Roomie Gift

Sorry for the long delay in posting but I have been busy with school and stuff. Hopefully I can post more this week with the lull in work due to finals.
These are pillows that I have made to decorate the common room of our dorm room. Each one represents the first letter of one of our names. I made my roommate and mine last semester and the other two girls I made as Christmas presents for them. I noticed they like ours at the beginning of the semester so I made them in secret (not hard it's called making them at work) and then left them on the sofa to see if they would notice. The noticed and they loved them. Since it is move out time I thought I should take a picture and post before we all take our pillows home.
I found the patterns from this web site. The pillows are made out of Caron Simply Soft Brites in white and hot pink. On side is white and one side is pink. It would take about 1 skein per a pillow using one color or 2 pillows from 2 different colored skeins.

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