Sunday, May 18, 2008

Placing a dent in the scrap mountain

I have only been crocheting avidly for little over a year and half and I have managed to accumulate a large amount of scraps. Previously I have made baby blankets out of the large qualities of similar scrap yarn and then donated them to Project Gabriel. Now I have the problem of small quantities of different weights of yarn ranging from cheap acrylic and fun fur to nice wool and wool blends.

The knitters I live with both have started scrap blankets and I have been looking for a crochet solution. I have decided that the solution is to make granny squares out of my scrap yarn and then sewing them all together. This makes it so I can use different weights of yarn and as long as the square is 6 x 6 inches they will fit together. So far I have created several in an attempt to avoid making socks and finishing a hat for my grandmother.

Left: Green Heather lace weight 100% wool from size f hook
Center: Rainbow Incredible yarn 100% nylon from Lion Brand size j hook
Right: Red sock wieght yarn, 100% acrylic (I think) size f hook

Cotton Ease by Lion Brand 50/50 cotton acrylic in Berry and Maize size J hook
I like how with one simple pattern the squares can look so different just by changing the colors.

Don't worry more to come because I don't think scrap blankets are ever finished

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