Monday, May 12, 2008

Chained Fringe Scarf

By leaving an unworked chain at each end creates a unique and different type of fringe.

Chained Fringe Scarf

Worsted Weight Yarn (For this scarf I used Red Heart Supersaver)

Size J hook (You can use whatever size is appropriated for the yarn you are using)

Gauge is not important

Chain to desired length (approximately 60 inches) then chain 40 more. Finish off

Start a new chain

Chain 20 then join with a slip stitch to the 20th chain of the first row. Sc in each stitch until the 20th chain from the end then chain 20 not connecting them to the first row. Finish off.

Chain 20 then join to first sc of second row. Sc in each sc. Chain 20 after last sc. Finish off.

Repeat this process until scarf is desired width.

Because each row is separate it is easy to do stripes with this pattern. This can also be a great scrap yarn project if you have a large surplus of the same size yarn.


nevertheless said...

This looks really fun! I am going to use it to make scarves for the world special olympics that are being held in Idaho in February. We are making one for each deligate. This scarf will make the mix quite unique!

Anonymous said...

I have one of these scarfs finsihed and am working on another. I love it, the pattern works out great!

IZZY said...

How do you attach the slip stitch after the second chain, I don't get it?

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