Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Done +24 hrs early

I have fished all me Christmas presents super early. The Boys hats were started and finished by Friday. The girls' scarfs were done Saturday evening before we wrapped the presents. Grandma's purse was felted and dried but I waited to sew the zipper in because I knew it would be difficult and I am lazy. I finally sewed in the zipper today and sewed the peices together. But somehow my sub-par sewing abilities made the circular shaped purse turn out to be sea shell shaped. Oh well its done. Yay for Xmas present being done. No mid-night hours on christmas eve.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

1 week to go and I am alomost done!

In the past 24 hours I have made a lot of progress on the remainder of my Christmas list.
-the 2 hats for the boys are done
-grandma's coin purse is made now it needs to be felted, sewn together, and zipper sewn in (after I buy it of course) I am going to felt it as soon as the laundry is done but I am nervous about this because the last time I felted something it ended disastrously
-I still need to buy and sew a button on the purse for Anna
-I need to finish the 2nd scarf for the girls and add fringe to both.
I think we are wrapping presents on Saturday so I'll need to have them done by then.
I will post the ear flap hat patterns as soon as I get to writing them out in understandable directions.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

8 Days and Counting

So its 8 days till xmas and I still have a list to work through.
-Finish 2nd scarf for the girls and add fringe
-buy and sew button from Anna's purse
-grandma's coin purse-make, felt, sew in zipper
-2 hats for the boys. The yarn came in Monday afternoon so I have added 2 more things to my list. I plan on wrapping mom, dad, and bro's presents today.
Here is a picture of the hat I made for my dad. I made it out of green and white worsted weight Wool of the Andes from Knitpicks.com. I used the Toujours Hat from the Interweave Crochet Quick Gifts ebook (see previous post)

Sunday, December 14, 2008

xmas morning is a go but xmas eve is not

I finished the hat for my dad. So that means mom, dad and bro are done. But that still leaves 2 scarves, 1 purse, 1 coin purse, and 2 hats. The hats are a new addition to the list because of a recent stress induced yarn purchase. The spinner/knitter roommate wanted help reaching the free shipping price from WEBs. So I helped and found the perfect yarn. It is 100% wool worseted weight with a black/yellow/Grey dye pattern. I think they will make the perfect Steeler colors hats for my 2 little cousins. I haven't made little earflap hats yet but I figure it can't be too hard. I also ordered some more of the Jeager natural fleece that I made my easy 2 stitch scarf with. It is being discontinued as it was about 5 a skein and only in a red wine color but I love that yarn it is so warm. I got enought to make a hat and a scarf.

Last night I went to a Christmas party and we had a dirty santa gift exchange. While taking a final on Friday I came up with the great idea of buying a bunch of bananas and using some scraf yarn making a banana cozy/sock. I figured the guys would get a kick out of the perverted/practical ness of the gift. I used some bubblegum pink Lion Brand Homespun that I have had forever. I worked int eh round starting small and increasing as needed so the sock would fit the banana I was making it for. (I put the sock on an acutal banana and gave it with a bunch of the fruit) Because I am in college and college boys always have thier minds in teh gutter I made a card for the top of the present that said "Protect Your Banana" The gift was quite a hit. By chance it was the first gift to be picked and was never stolen (we play with a lot of rules). I actual was complimented byt eh usefulness of this gift and a couple fo the guys asked me to make them some. I just laughed. Like I said college boys always have thier minds in the gutter.

I would have pictures but My camera battery is dead and my charger is somewhere in the mess that is my room.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Winter Neck Warmer

Here is the pattern for a neck warmer I made for my mother. She wanted something to keep her warm since scarves are dangerous when skiing.

Winter Neck Warmer
Size G crochet hook
160 yds of worseted wieght yarn-I used a thick and thin yarn by Himalayas the Queensland Collection. I used a smaller hook so that the stiches would be smaller, tight, and warm.
yarn needle

Chain 31
Turn and sc 30 stiches
Turn and sc in each stitch across in the back loops only thorughout (you can pull through both loops but it would not create the ribbed look)
Repeat until desired length. then sew 2 ends together this is worked from short end to short end then sewn together to for the circle.
The final meaurements was a circumference of 21 inches and a width of 6 inches.
It is wide so it can cover the mouth and nose because that is how my mother wanted it to be wide. Except I would wear it folded down if I wore a neck warmer. the width and length can be changed accordingly.

How My Mom Will Wear It
How I Would Wear It
I hope she likes it!

1 Down upteen to go!!!

Mom's x-mas present is done!!!
I made her a neck warmer with a matching ear flap hat per her request. I think it is a tad ridiculous but it is what she wants so I hope she likes it because she didn't like the socks I made her for her birthday.

Here is a picture of the matching set:
I made the present out of Himalayas yarn from the Queensland Collection. It is 100% wool worsted weight yarn which is thick and thin. It is a variegated beige,light brown, peach, and blue mix. I am posting the patterns separately so that searching will be easier.

I am convinced I look like a ninja in this combo.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

T Minus 19 days until xmas

So the Super Bowl of Crocheting is only 19 days away and we are all manically preparing for the event. Here is my list of things that need to be completed

By Christmas Eve:
-Purse for Anna
-Scarves for girls-2 scarves 1 is done needing fringe the other is only 1/4 done and I thought about making it hooded but I need to see if I have enough yarn (and since I bought this yarn in Prauge I can't go buy more) if not hooded then I may make headbands
-Coin Purse for Grandma

By Christmas Morning
-Hat for dad
-Earflap Hat and neck warmer for mom Just finished hat only need to weave in ends and the neck warmer is blocking and then need to be sewed together and ends weaved in

I need to get on this but finals have got me so busy lately but I took a break after a 5 hour stint in the library and made head way on my mother's stuff
Its li
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