Sunday, December 14, 2008

xmas morning is a go but xmas eve is not

I finished the hat for my dad. So that means mom, dad and bro are done. But that still leaves 2 scarves, 1 purse, 1 coin purse, and 2 hats. The hats are a new addition to the list because of a recent stress induced yarn purchase. The spinner/knitter roommate wanted help reaching the free shipping price from WEBs. So I helped and found the perfect yarn. It is 100% wool worseted weight with a black/yellow/Grey dye pattern. I think they will make the perfect Steeler colors hats for my 2 little cousins. I haven't made little earflap hats yet but I figure it can't be too hard. I also ordered some more of the Jeager natural fleece that I made my easy 2 stitch scarf with. It is being discontinued as it was about 5 a skein and only in a red wine color but I love that yarn it is so warm. I got enought to make a hat and a scarf.

Last night I went to a Christmas party and we had a dirty santa gift exchange. While taking a final on Friday I came up with the great idea of buying a bunch of bananas and using some scraf yarn making a banana cozy/sock. I figured the guys would get a kick out of the perverted/practical ness of the gift. I used some bubblegum pink Lion Brand Homespun that I have had forever. I worked int eh round starting small and increasing as needed so the sock would fit the banana I was making it for. (I put the sock on an acutal banana and gave it with a bunch of the fruit) Because I am in college and college boys always have thier minds in teh gutter I made a card for the top of the present that said "Protect Your Banana" The gift was quite a hit. By chance it was the first gift to be picked and was never stolen (we play with a lot of rules). I actual was complimented byt eh usefulness of this gift and a couple fo the guys asked me to make them some. I just laughed. Like I said college boys always have thier minds in the gutter.

I would have pictures but My camera battery is dead and my charger is somewhere in the mess that is my room.

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