Wednesday, May 30, 2012

I should be cleaning but instead I am crocheting

So my parents and grandparents are coming to visit this weekend and I am not a very good maid. So I should be cleaning and vacuuming (my least favorite chore ever). But instead I watched reruns of Toddlers and Tiaras and finished this project.

I call it the Love Eternal Infinity Scarf.I used a modify version of the pattern found here.

 But I upped the yarn size to bulky and a J hook (they use a fingering weight and a small hook). I shortened this and made it a short eternity scarf. I love mobius, cowls, and eternity scarfs. Especially since it takes less yarn and is quicker.

I plan on posting my version of the pattern soonish.

Happy Hooking!

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Best Grandaughter Ever

I made the dress for this Yard Goose as part of my Mother's Day Present to my Grandmother. When I was younger she used to own a yard goose and would have my mother sew clothes and costumes for it. Due to an insane landlord she was unable to keep the goose when she moved. Thankfully she is now living in a friendlier establishment she is able to have such (ridiculous) yard adornments. I was able to find the plastic yard geese at a store where I currently live and got the genius idea to buy her a new one and make it dresses as her present. And she loved it! I made 2 dresses, one in variegated pink baby yarn as a spring dress and this one from leftover acrylic yarns. In my stash I currently have supplies to make Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Valentine's Day dresses. I used the pattern at the following link as a guide and made up my own. I hope that I can post the pattern and basic steps when I make the next dresses. I am terrible at taking picture oh my WIPs. Happy Hooking!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Spring Stash Cleaning

So I have started the arduous task of sorting out and figure out what is actually in my yarn stash. I haven't sorted through my stash much since I moved (oh about 4 months ago). To move my mother thought it would be best to pile my yarn into 20 gallon plastic storage containers. This has done with haste and neglect to actual sorting. I moved right after the holidays and had previously been traveling back and forth between my previous and current locations for several months. Since the move I have only been working little projects at a time while dust settled on my 4 storage containers in the basement. In an attempt to figure out what I have completed, what I need to finish, what is finished but needs the end woven in (I hate weaving in the ends), scraps and project yarns. I've spent the last few days sorting things out. Here are the results. My Stash Has Exploded!
A pile of inherited charity squares.
One Giant Knot for Mankind!
Don't worry I untangled most of it. I would say I promise not to let this happen again but that is very doubtful. Happy Hooking!

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Lions & Yarn & Crochet OH MY!

I saw something about this several months ago while it was a work in progress and I think it is awesome. Too bad I won' t be able to go to London this summer to see them in person. Happy Hooking

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Resurrecting the Dead

I am back. It has been while. Well over 3 years, so a lot has changed. I guess I should change the name of this blog since I am no longer in college. But I won't. Or at least until I come up with a better name. Between the last post and now I've graduated college,( 2 years ago, oh how time flies), got a good job in corporate America, then relocating twice (so far) for said job. Sadly my job isn't in the yarn/fiber industry or anything close to it so I still love crocheting and crafting in the mean time. Resurrecting this blog was supposed to be my New Year's Resolution for 2012. Considering that it is now the end of May I'm obviously not too good with resolutions. The other part of my resolution is that I'd start an Etsy shop to sell some of my creations and make some spare change. At this rate it won't get done till October, but we shall see. I am hoping to organize my yarn stash soon since it has been sitting in plastic tubs in the basement since the last move. Then I need to figure out what I can currently sell and set up a site. I know it isn't hard but once I get done with work the last thing I want to do is mess with computers again. In the meantime I will try to post some picture of the recent things I have done. The most recent was crocheted dresses for a plastic yard goose for my grandmother for Mother's Day. That got me the best grand daughter of the year award. Happy Hooking
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