Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Spring Stash Cleaning

So I have started the arduous task of sorting out and figure out what is actually in my yarn stash. I haven't sorted through my stash much since I moved (oh about 4 months ago). To move my mother thought it would be best to pile my yarn into 20 gallon plastic storage containers. This has done with haste and neglect to actual sorting. I moved right after the holidays and had previously been traveling back and forth between my previous and current locations for several months. Since the move I have only been working little projects at a time while dust settled on my 4 storage containers in the basement. In an attempt to figure out what I have completed, what I need to finish, what is finished but needs the end woven in (I hate weaving in the ends), scraps and project yarns. I've spent the last few days sorting things out. Here are the results. My Stash Has Exploded!
A pile of inherited charity squares.
One Giant Knot for Mankind!
Don't worry I untangled most of it. I would say I promise not to let this happen again but that is very doubtful. Happy Hooking!

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