Thursday, April 17, 2008

I'm so happy it is warm and I'm wearing my tunic!

This is my first large wearable project I made. It is a tunic made from Lion Brand Cotton Ease in Hazelnut. This pattern can be found for free at Lion or here if the link works.

This attempt of mine is not perfect. It took about 4.5 skeins of yarn. Because the tunic is made of two identical panels I ended up making one in a size small and one in a size medium. I did this because after making the small I was afraid that it would be too tight so I did the front in a size medium to allow more stretch.
This is a picture of me wearing the tunic (today actually right now as I'm writing this). One problem I have with this is that the yarn (cotton ease) stretched (since it is 50% cotton 50% acrylic). I like the texture and durability of the yarn it has a lot of give. I am tall and although the tunic is supposed to be longer I did not increase the pattern length any. The first time I wore the tunic it fell just below the hips but now (wear 5 or 6) it has stretched to well bast my but and is about the length of a short dress. Sometimes I tuck the bottom up so it is not as long (as in the picture above). The picture below is the full length (untucked) version of the tunic.
As you can tell from the pictures I like to wear this tunic with bright (bubblegum) colored shirts underneath. I usually wear this hot pink shirt or a bright turquoise or green shirt underneath to contrast the neutral color. I find it is a good tactic to make crocheted items with neutral or basic colors and then pair them with different bright colored shirts to change the look. I normally pair this tunic with a bright shirt, jeans or cargo pants (as pictured) and my Birkenstocks (which I own in hot pink).

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