Sunday, April 13, 2008

So this is my first post um this is awkward

I picked the name Kollegiate Hooker because I thought it is a cute, catchy pen name for a collegiate crocheter. I guess if anyone comes here looking for porn they are out of luck, well oops. I am a sophomore geography/meteorology major which means I'll never get lost and always know the weather, who likes to crochet and has two best friends who are avid knitters (one has a spinning wheel). I am bent on crocheting and I refuse to learn to knit although I admit some of the stuff they make is pretty cool (but crochet is always better). I got the idea for this blog after getting roped into seeing the yarnharlot speak on her book tour and realized I need another form of procrastination from school, work, and knitters. I hope to post my finished projects and patterns I have made up and/or severely modified. This may be kinda slow and haphazard because I am prone to creative bursts and droughts and budget and time deficits but I think this could work (well hopefully).

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