Tuesday, April 15, 2008

My first pattern post YAY!!!

Since this is my first pattern post let me know if you have any questions/comments/concerns. This is the first time I have ever written a pattern for someone besides just me to use.

This scarf was made in the Fall 2006 with yarn I found at Walmart on sale. It was in small skeins (less than 100yds on cardboard cylinders). I think it is an acrylic fingering weight with a nylon ribbon. This scarf ended up too short for an adult so I called it youth sized or oops too small for me size. When I cut the ends the nylon part unraveled so the fringe is shredding. But this is a good beginner approach to crocheting because there is minimal turning. It took me forever to learn how to turn properly and to make it even. My first projects all looked terrible so they were donated to the homeless shelter. This scarf is going to Goodwill because it is to small for me and I do not have a small enough child to give this to. Who ever said college kids aren't generous?

Youth Stripe Scarf

3 skeins each of blue and green yarn (I don’t know what the brand name is but I bought it at Walmart for less than $3 a skein each yes than 100 yds) or about 300 yds of any worsted weight yarn

Size I or J hook

L 39”

W 4.5”

With color A ch151

Row 1 with color A turn and sc in 2nd ch from hook and each ch till end (150) fasten off

Row 2 with color B sc in each sc

Repeat until desired width or until you run out of yarn by doing 2 rows of color A and 2 rows of color B

It is easy to adjust the width of stripes by doing more or less rows of each color.

I added fringe by cutting pieces about 6 inches long and tying them to the end of the scarf. This did not work too well because the nylon part of the yarn unravels easily.


mdancer said...

Very nice job for your 1st pattern.
Just a note about your "yarn". What you're using sounds similar to Matrix ribbon and with this type of material, if you tie a small knot in the ends of each fringe, you'll find it doesn't unravel. I've made many shawls with this type of material, and, yes, I've tied the ends of each and every fringe.

Myra Johnston said...

Love your scarf. Thanks for sharing the pattern.

bevq said...

Lovely yarn, and pretty scarf!! Well done!!


wolmart family said...

The background color on your site is too dark..A pastel backgroud would be better to read.

Anonymous said...

I like this pattern. It looks easy enough to crochet for someone who is going to learn how to make scarves. I have one question though. How would I do this pattern if I want to make it for an adult? I would like to make scarves, hats and mitts for a charitable organization here where I live. I crochet afghans for them in winter but would like to make scarves, mitts and hats in the summer when it is to hot to make afghans. Thank you for your time!

lee woo said...

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