Tuesday, July 1, 2008

I need yarn

So this whole bringing no yarn thing was a bad idea. I need yarn like a drug addict needs a fix. that twine is looking very good right now. If anyone knows of any place that sells yarn in the Oxford, Cardiff, or London UK it would be greatly appreciated.
We are also heading to Zurich, Bern, Rome, Florence, Vienna, Prauge, Berlin, Amsterdam, and Brussels and are in need of loaction there too.
P.S. When I was in a pub in Dublin there was a beer on tap call the Galloway hooker or something like that and it made me laugh because it sounded like a beer for only prostitutes and chrocheters. But I didn't get a chance to taste it this ime. Maybe on the way back.


Hooked Up said...

have you tried asking locals where you might find some?

packraht said...

I live in Vienna, and sympathize with the yarn addiction. If you get here and still need yarn, there is a yarn/notions shop on Neubaugasse (11-13 is the address) - mostly acrylics and cotton. The street is just off of Mariahilferstrasse which is a main shopping street just west of the downtown ring area, The shop is called Karl Peters and its on the left side of the street as you go north. On Mariahilferstrasse there is a shop called SEWA which is mostly candles and junk, but in the front corner they have some a couple kinds of cotton and acrylic yarn in a good assortment of colors, and at slightly cheaper prices than the other place.
You shouldn't have any problems finding yarn in Italy, they make such great stuff there. It's been awhile since I was in Florence but Venice had tons of yarn shops when I was there recently.
I think Bern had a yarn shop near the train station, if I remember correctly, anyway they have lots of handicraft stuff in Bern so if you shop around there you should find something! Happy travels!

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