Saturday, July 26, 2008

Greetings from Italy

Soory about the delay but backpacking through Europe leaves little time for blogging. free internet is rare and I take it where I can get it but 15 min is just enough time to check email and stay intouch with the family. I will post patterns and pictures when I get home. I am working on scarf number 2 which is an alternating rib pattern Ive worked up. I also bought yarn to make a souviner scarf for a friend. These super long train rides help me get them done. I will be back in the states in 2.5 weeks!
But it is way to hot to even think about wearing a scarf right now

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Melissa said...

Understandable, no need to stress, I completely understand what you mean, about the free internet. Anyways a good tip is to bring a journal and write down, all your blogs there, then you can type it later :) On a side note I found a new travel site that you might like,

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