Thursday, July 17, 2008

We found yarn!!!

Sorry for the lack of posting but I have busy with papers and the computer lab has been crazy.
Last Friday my travel buddy and I went to Abingdon which is about 30 min south of Oxford. It is this tiny town with nothing in it except an awesome yarn store. It is called Masons and thier website makes it seem that they don't have much yarn but that is a lie. They have lots of yarn and I wide range with all kinds of stuff I have never seen before. And best of all it was cheaper here with the crappy exchange rate than back home. We were palnning on mailing what we got home but a 5 kilo box of yarn will cost over $100 to mail so we have decided to carry it with us until we get home of we find a cheaper country to mail it from. I spent about £25 and got enought for 2 scarfs, 1 baby item, 3 skeins for the scrap blanket, and stuff for the roomie. Don't even ask what my friend spent but she is a yarn addict and it was cheaper than crack
I have finished making one of the scarfs and I'll post the pattern when ASAP with pictures.

Here is the website for the yarn store. It was awesome and I recommend making the trek if you are nearby

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