Thursday, June 5, 2008

Lover's Knot Trendy Scarf

I found a pattern for a shawl using the stitch called a Solomon's knot or a lover's knot. I adapted the pattern and used it to make a scarf. I used a yarn that is a ribbon yarn I picked up on sale at the local yarn store The Needle Craft Barn.
Here is the link to the original pattern and to tutorials for the stitch.

I used approximately 140 yard of the yarn (2 skeins at 74 yards each) and a size K hook
R1: ch 1 then make 25 lover's knot stitches.
R2: make a lover's knot in the first knot from hook. Make 2 more Lover's knots then slip stitch to the 2nd knot from hook repeat till end.
R3: make 2 lover's knots then connect using slip stitch to the 2nd knot from hook (this is the unconnected knot) repeat make 2 knots and connecting to the loose knots to create a mesh pattern.
Repeat until desired width (or until you run out of yarn)
Last Row: Do one lover's knot then connect to next knot in previous row (each knot is connected to one form the previous row) Finish off


Anonymous said...

I wish I could see in the picture the beginning or the end of the scarf so I could see how to start it. I'm dying to make one of these. Julie :)

rop said...

i think,
does this scarf comes out droopy? as in NOT stiff like the other crocheted ones? P

Kollegiate Hooker said...

this scarf is not droopy it is light the airy. perfect for summer or warm weather

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