Saturday, June 7, 2008

Cheer up emo crocheter

Emo Kid Hat

1 skien of Lion Brand Wool Ease in dark gray
Size J hook

Make 2
Row1: sc in 2nd ch from hook and in each ch across
Row2: ch 2 skip first sc hdc in each sc across (30 hdc)
Row3: Ch 2 skip first hdc, hdc decrease over next 2 hdc. Hdc in next 25 hdc, hdc decreas over next 2 hdc turn (a hdc decrease is made my inserting the hook through 2 stistches while making the stitch) (27 hdc)
Row4: ch2 skip first hdc decread over next 2 hdc. Hdc in next 23 hdc, decrease over next 2 hdc. turn (25 hdc)
Row5: same pattern (23 hdc)
Row6: same pattern (21 hdc)
Row7: same pattern (19 hdc)
Row8: same pattern (17 hdc) Finish off

sew the 2 brims together on the 2 short sides and the shorted long side (not witht he beg ch)

ch4 join with sl st in first ch to form ring
R1: Ch 3, (Ch 3 counts as first dc throughout) 23 dc in ring. join with sl st
R2: Ch 3 fpdc in next dc (2 bpdc in next dc, fpdc in next dc) around, bpdc in beg 3 ch. join
R3: Ch 3 (2fpdc around fpdc, bpdc around each of the next two bpdc around. Join
R4: Ch 3 (fpdc around each next 2 fpdc, 2 bpdc around next bpdc, 1 bpdc around next bpdc) around. join
R5: Ch 3 (fpdc in next 2 fpdc, bpdc in next 3 bpdc) around. join
R6: Ch3 (fpdc in next 2 fpdc, 2 bpdc around next bpdc, bpdc around each of the next 2 bpdc) around. join
R7: Ch 3 ( fpdc in next 2 fpdc, bpdc in next 4 bpdc) around. join
R8-16: Repeat round 7
R17: Ch 1 sc in each dc aroun
R18: repeat round 17
R19: Ch 1 sc in the same stitch as joining and in next 20 sc. Place brim peice against the front of the hat. Sc in the brim to the hat in the next 30 stitched. Sc around the rest of the hat.
Finish off
Weave in ends
So this is the first project I made that uses different stitches together (it was a big step). I thought that it would be a cool winter hat but it turned out super emo kid-ish. It look worst when my hair was its original color (black, Asian kid black is my natural hair color and no I'm not Asian I part western European). Me plus natural hair, black t-shirt, studded belt and black eye makeup equals a scary emo punk kid.
Her is a picture of me cheesing it up for the camera.


Anonymous said...

I love this hat. And you look super hott (yes, two "t"s in this pic) And I can't wait to see you across the pond.

Hooked Up said...

That is a super cool hat, and wait to go on more than one stitch, i so haven't got that down yet!

Anonymous said...

Hi awesome pattern! Do you care if I sell hats I make with this pattern?

Kollegiate Hooker said...

I don't mind if you sell hats made with this pattern.

Anonymous said...

great pattern, its really awesome!

Nate McCloud said...

Awesome hat design! For the most part, it was pretty fun to make, too. But...I think I'll refrain from trying to make the entire hat in a single day. I'm exhausted!

Anonymous said...

hmm... maybe a shorter brim? it looks awfully large, more like a baseball cap than a winter hat, at least.

Anonymous said...

hey i like the hat but what if fpdc and bpdc i think i know what you mean but id like to be sure

yagirl96 said...

Oh, that's a nice hat! I think I'll make one and sell it! If you don't mind...???


Anonymous said...

Da Heck I used yo be emo and srly nothing emo about this hat... That's wannabe emo kids stuff....i've never met an emo with a hat like that and never will because that's mot what we like

lee woo said...

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