Saturday, June 7, 2008

A tad of philosophy

So I just got my first comments!!! Thank you mdancer and myra johnston for commenting on my first pattern post. It could be possible that the yarn I used was Matrix. I am sure if I tied the fringe in wouldn't unravel. So much of crochet (and life) is made of trial and error. Many projects and attempts have not turned out as expected. Yet this approach works well in crochet and in life. I think that so much of life and crochet are intertwined. Figuring out difficult problems, like translating knitting charts into crochet, trying to decipher a pattern or chart, using the wrong size hook and yarn and figuring out the gauge, and making up your own pattern. Well I have gotten more philosophical than expected (and I hate philosophy).

Keep the comments coming. I greatly appreciate it. Feel free to add your opinions, suggestions, ideas and questions. Really you can tell me the pattern is ugly and I won't care (because my mother already said that).

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