Sunday, November 9, 2008

New cool patterns but I don't have time to make anything

Today in midst of procrastination I found 2 new sources of new cool free patterns. The first is "Crochet uncut" which is an e-zine published as the Official Unofficial Magazine of the Crochet Liberation Front. The e-zine is available by download in PDF format and is available from this link.
The second soruce is a free pattern ebook put out by Interweave Crochet and Red Heart Yarn.
The ebook is called Quick Gifts and features 5 free patterns. Becuase of the sponsor all of the patterns call for Red Heart Yarn which may cause some to cringe. However I think is would be easy to swap yarns for something more durable and softer to the touch. Here is the link to download the ebook from

I really want to make the Green Market Bag although I have already made a bag similar to it. I think the Charlie Brown Baby Cardigan is adorable and I like how the construction is simmilar to the baby sweater pattern I posted and how it uses a chveron stitch and it doesn't scream 1970's afgan. I also like the Toujours Hat because I have trouble finding hat patterns just for men and I can't wait to have someone to make this for.
I am excited that all of the Xmas gift patterns are out and I can't wait to start/finish some presents but Kollegiate life is getting in the way.

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