Saturday, September 6, 2008

Becuase Hookers Don't Share Needles

Happy Birthday Mom!!!
I have finally finished my brithday present for my mother and her birthday isn't until Monday so I can put them in the mail Monday and she will get them only two days late! I used this sock yarn I found in Berlin to make these socks. The yarn is called Meilenweit Cotton Fantasy and is 45% Cotton, 42% Virgin wool, and 13% Polyamide. It is made by Lana Grossa in Italy (I think the label is in German.

The socks were made using the Origami Turkish Sock pattern found at These socks are cool because you use actual foot measurements to size your sock then constructed it in a flat shape then fold it together to make the sock. Its kinda amazing how you go from a crazy shape to a sock in a few minutes. Also since it is worked in back and forth rows I think it is easier than working in the round becuase I hate all the concentration needed ot work in the round.


Ellie said...

Just found your cool blog. I started my crochet blog last year and haven't posted much over the summer. I will be posting soon.
Thanks for the cool ideas! Check out

Hooked Up said...

I love this!! i have been wanting a sock pattern but couldn't find one i liked, thanks!

Tana said...
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