Saturday, July 28, 2012

Ironless Hemming aka How to Hem a Pair of Pants With a Hair Striaghtener

What do you do when you need to hem or (fix a hem) on pants (or skirt/dress) and don't have an iron (or don't want to drag yours out)?

Go to the bathroom and grab your hair straightener aka flat iron!

I am not a domesticated diva and don't claim to be. I hate ironing. Let me say it again I HATE IRONING! I have shirts in my closet I never wear solely because I don't want to iron them.

I have found that a flat iron is perfect for ironing collars and ruffles on shirts. (Even while you are wearing the garment)

The below How-To explains how to use a flat iron in the place of a regular iron when hemming garments.

How to Hem a Pair of Pants With a Hair Straightener

What you need:
Flat Iron (Hair Straightener) 
No-Sew Bonding Agent Tape 
Pants (or garment that needs hemmed)

1. Make sure your flat iron is clean of hairspray/ hair goo. I damp paper towel works great. Heat iron to medium-high setting. I was using a cotton garment in dark blue so I wasn't worried about burn marks. Adjust the heat based on your fabric type and color. When in doubt use a lower setting and hold the iron in place longer.

2. Preheat hem by folding fabric over desired amount and using flat iron to press the hem. Hold the fabric and hem in one hand and flat iron in the other. Place iron at one end and slowly pass over fabric just like you were straightening a section of hair. Repeat if necessary.

3. Place a small section (1-3 inches) of no sew bonding tape (or other iron on bonding agent) on the fabric in the bend of the hem.

4. Using the same method as step 2 use the flat iron to adhere the hem together. Work slowly in small sections. Once complete check to make sure the bonding agent is holding the hem together. If not work over the section again. See it is just like doing your hair!

5. Repeat step 4 until the whole hem is completed.

Final product: 

Here is the before:

And the After:

 I ended up hand sewing the hem on top because these are my favorite dress pants and I don't want to rip out the hem again the first time I wear them.
You can also use a flat iron to pre-fold them hem in regular sewing when you don't want to drag out the real iron.

Happy Hooking!!!


Jana's Indigo Moon said...

WOw what a great idea! I have a couple of shirts that need this while I am wearing them. I would have never thought of this.

I am going to try this on one of them soon! Glad I stumbled upon your blog via the craft corner. Was looking for a scarf pattern they had listed..

Isabella said...

Wicjed idea!

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