Saturday, July 28, 2012

My Ravellenic Games Project(s)

Once again the Olympic Games are upon us and thus countless hours glued to the TV and computer (sometimes both at the same time) of watching the games. The 2008 games were the first time Ravelry held their Ravellenic Games. Now Ravelry itself has teams and more rules but the concept is simple; start the projects during the opening ceremony and finish by the end of the closing ceremony. That is ruffly weeks to complete a project. Most people pick something big or challenging; a pair of socks, a sweater, or a blanket.

Personally, I've decided to use this as a quick kick in the ass towards my New Year's resolution of resurrecting this blog. In lieu of a big project I've set myself a few goals

- Posting about Ravellenic Games Project
-Making yarn from a t-shirt how-to
-Hemming pants with a flat iron how-to (not yarn related but it's my awesome contribution to domestic laziness
-Crochet Goose Dress pattern and tutorial
-Make one more Goose Dress
-Finish Goose Cheerleader Goose Dress (Already done, finished while watching a road cycling race this morning. Kazakhstan won. )
Plus at least 3 other posts (I hope the internet doesn't get sick of me).

Happy Hooking!

PS: I am a Lockte fan. Phelps is too cocky, not as cute, and his Subway Commercials annoy me. (Note: I always find the divers the cutest even though they are usually short)

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